About me


I am an all-round designer passionate about innovation and creativity who still believes that design can make a change.

I like to get involved in complex projects as part of smart, challenging teams, where I often find myself to be the pragmatic force that turns the collective vision into action and leads to measurable results. I have a keen eye for those small things that make great impacts and I therefore tend to design solutions that are sustainable, cost effective and human centered. Having lived all around the globe has helped me see people and cultures with a fresh perspective. I enjoy moving across multiple design disciplines, such as graphic design, photography and interior design, and find inspirations all around me. The feeling of making a difference is particularly rewarding and when I can, I try to work for good causes, helping humanitarian organizations and businesses with a heart to communicate their values in creative ways.

I am flexible, optimistic, proactive and open to new ideas and ways of working. I am not afraid to go out into the world to conduct research and find inspirations. My work is based on hands-on holistic design thinking and my areas of interest include: social design, exhibition design, branding, graphic design, experiential design, design anthropology and conceptual and strategical thinking.