Catch22 website redesign

Catch22 is a big charity in the UK with 140 services all over the country. Almost each service or directorate has an allocated page on the website which leads to a very complicated navigation. Moreover, the website is very dated and the branding has since developed into something more fresh and modern.

In an attempt to tackle this issue, I collaborated with the digital agency who developed the original Catch22 website and our in-house digital manager to come up with a solution.

As often is the case with these type of projects, we had a very limited budget and could therefore not afford a complete restructure and redesign. Instead, we opted for a more short term, cost effective solution; a modular template.



Client: Catch22

Year: 2018

Location: London, UK


From sketch to prototype



The solution is a branded template that can be used in two ways:

  1. As a standalone campaign landing page used to host compelling content designed to bring more users to the Catch22 website (as shown to the right)
  2. As an embedded template that integrates within the rest of the website to better showcase the breadth and impact of Catch22

A modular system

The particularity of this scrolling template design is its modularity. Each element is created to accommodate different types of content from case studies to videos and statistics. The design language used is fresh and modern, within the most recent corporate identity of Catch22.