Les Carnets de Mulhouse

“Les Carnets de Mulhouse” is a series of pocket-size notebooks created for Kingston University as part of Transbazar, a design festival in Mulhouse, France. The participants were invited to create object-souvenirs, able to reflect Mulhouse’s post-industrial identity, using low cost, locally available materials and involving the local community.

“Les Carnets de Mulhouse” are made out of quality-control rejected yarn from Mulhouse’s iconic textile manufacturer, Dollfus-Mieg et Compagnie (DMC). This raw material was hand processed and transformed into colourful sheets of paper that were then stitched together using elegant binding. Their handcrafted beauty and meaningful connection to the industrial history of the city gave the carnets a distinctive “souvenir” quality and a real commercial appeal.

Client: Kingston University

Year: 2015

Location: Mulhouse, France

My role

As the project leader employed by the Design Department of the University, I was responsible for helping a group of MA students come up with an engaging idea that responded to the brief. I was tasked with planning, executing and delivering the project to Mulhouse, where it was then exhibited for the duration of 20 days. I oversaw the entire production process, facilitated and coordinated the participation of the local community, presented the project to the press and designed the brand identity of the product.

The process