NCS Keep Warm

The National Citizen Service is a voluntary personal and social development programme for 15–17 year olds in England and Northern Ireland, funded largely by money from the UK Government.

Taking place outside of term time in spring, summer and autumn, NCS gives young people the chance to experience adventure, develop their skills and make a difference to their community. Catch22 operates in seven different regions and is responsible for delivering the programme as well as the communications and engagement prior to the trip.

For this project, our aim was to reduce the percentage of young people who sign up to NCS in December, but do not turn up in the summer. We did this by undertaking a review of ‘Keep Warm’ activity in all seven regions in which Catch22 operates and by designing engaging marketing collateral to give out to both parents and young people.



Client: Catch22

Year: 2017

Location: London, UK



We designed an approach to ‘keep warm’ which draws on user research, data analysis, interviews with staff, and behavioural insights in order to reduce attrition and improve the customer journey of young people and parents.

Young person journey


Parent/guardian journey