2015 National Assembly

Mission: Design and coordinate exhibition area for National Assembly
Client: British Red Cross
Location: Brighton, UK
Year: 2015
Role: Exhibition coordinator and designer

National Assembly

The British Red Cross is a volunteer-led humanitarian organisation that helps people in crisis. Each year, the charity gathers to celebrate its achievements at home and abroad. The 2015 National Assembly was held at the Brighton Center in March and hosted over 900 volunteers and staff. The Assembly, which had the theme “refusing to ignore people in crisis”, gave the organisation’s volunteers a chance to hear about recent success and discuss upcoming initiatives.


The Marketplace in particular is the exhibition area for the event, where teams from across the organisation share their work with volunteers and staff. This space has been a key feature of the National Assembly as it offers attendees the opportunity to find out about aspects of work that aren’t featured on stage and ask questions about teams and projects that interest them. With a focus at the 2015 event on the new strategy and a desire to make the event more interactive, there was a need to look again at the marketplace and define a clearer purpose for the stands.

My role

This was a perfect opportunity for me to develop my design and event management skills. My responsibilities included liaising with teams from across the organisation to help them develop their stands, planning the layout of the entire marketplace, coordinating the marketplace and working with colleagues to create interactive displays and activities. Moreover, I collaborated with the graphic design team to design the partitions for each stand.