Browns Fashion Window Display

Mission: Window display design competition
Client: Browns Fashion
Location: London, UK
Year: 2014
Role: Designer

This project is the result of a collaboration with Giulia Liverani, Lukas Buvala, Sheng Kai Lan and Oat Thanida Dhimasombat. Our design was part of a design competition, to visualize Browns Fashion’s window display in the fall of 2014. Imagine a world where everything is upside-down, where there are sweets and products growing from the ground, and the environment is so unreal and luxurious, that you want to be part of it. This world came to life thanks to the fusion of the ideas processes and inspirations taken from movies such as Mary Poppins and The Science of Sleep. After much experimentation, we decided on a world filled with luxury and sweetness. We chose to mix elements from the spring fairs and movies to create a dreamland. We created a vivid story full of wit, typical spring weather and fun whilst still preserving the simplicity and overall clarity. To enhance the fun aspect of the spring-fair, we designed the window display upside down. The use of fresh pastel colors gave the overall design a lightness to it.