CIS Footprints

Mission: Create a visual identity for CIS Footprints
Client: Copenhagen International School
Location: Copenhagen
Year: 2012-present
Role: Graphic designer

CIS Footprints is a quarterly publication produced for Copenhagen International School, aimed at sponsors and companies. Since it’s first edition in 2012, I have been responsible for its visual identity as well as its editorial design and for occasionally editing the newsletter, which shares CIS’s international roots and further reinforces its position as a thought leader in education.

Throughout the past couple of years, the newsletter has undergone slight changes in identity before settling for an elegant and clean layout, with a stylized version of the original CIS logo. The publication itself contains thought pieces from staff, alumni, students and news articles on current business topics. The purpose of the newsletter is to act as a voice for CIS to communicate personal stories, discoveries and achievements, while establishing a tone of quality not usually achieved in a standard high school newsletter format.

June 2015

August 2013 - Special Edition

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