Mission: Exhibition stand design for ESAG Penninghen’s open doors
Client: ESAG Penninghen
Location: Paris, FR
Year: 2012
Role: Designer and project coordinator

On the occasion of the yearly open doors , ESAG Penninghen launched an internal competition for the realization of an exhibition stand, to be built in cardboard. As the winner of the competition (along with Lucie Mahieu), the stand ReDo was built in real scale and used to display the work of graphic design students. The self standing structure consists of a series of interlocking modules designed to be easily assembled in different fashion and easily transported. The available material has been used with the minimum of waste making for a cost effective, versatile and reusable temporary stand.

ReDo is an innovative modular construction system made of cardboard that can be used in different ways at trade fairs and events. In addition to the ecological benefits of using cardboard, it is very economical through its lower initial investment, savings made from quick and simple assembly, lightweight transportation and its re-usability. The system is fully printable and is finished with a fire-proof coating.



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